Our Trip is Different

Most trips take you to dazzling sights around Israel.
They leave you in awe and wonder at the beauty and majesty of the Land.

In the fresh, holy air of Eretz Yisrael, we will take you on a dazzling tour of your own soul. Your newfound appreciation  and relationship with Hashem will leave you in awe and wonder.

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This Mission speaks to your heart.


You will be inspired by what you experience.

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Kever Rochel

Rochel Imeunu represents the power of "Alma De'itgalya" the revealed world. As Jews, we know that however life presents itself, it is always "gam zu le'tova" even though it can be painful. Using the energy of Rochel Imeinu, we will tap into the energy of creating "revealed" good in our lives and in the lives of our children and surroundings. Her physical resting place had been an inner well of rejuvenation and miracles for the Jewish people over the centuries. Join us in uncovering the hidden reservoir of power our mother, Rachel has left for us!


Tu B'shvat

Man is compared to a tree. The holiday of Tu B'shvat is hidden in the world of chol. There are no special mitzvot or preparation which needs to be done. We are taught that this holiday is specifically hidden, in order to disguise the tremendous potential the day has. Celebrating the tree in its seemingly dormant stage can create a powerful flow to move that which seems "dormant" in our own lives and within our own self-development. Using the physical world of fruits and wine, we will embark on a meditative "journey" throughout the seder of Tu B'shvat to reveal whatever hidden potential we may posses and bring it to "fruition."


YOUR Emunah Journey

Most trips leave you feeling “I was on such a high, I can never get back there.”

This trip brings you on the journey and send you home equipped to go higher and higher in your Emunah journey.

Our goal is simple –
To bring Moshiach closer.