Emunah Mission Teachers


Rav Doniel Katz

Rav Doniel's mission is to reveal the unity among different paths of Torah in order to allow all people everywhere to experience its spiritual depth, beauty and transformative power.

For more than a decade, Rav Doniel’s open and compassionate teachings have been a catalyst for change in the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Born and raised in Australia, Rav Doniel abandoned his award-winning film and theatre career in his mid-twenties after a year of intensive spiritual awakening. Exploring many wisdom paths and traditions in search of deeper clarity to explain his experiences, he was finally led to Jerusalem in 2000. Since then, he has spent nearly two decades immersed in the world of Torah and Kabbalistic teachings, learning from some of the city’s great rabbis and spiritual masters


rabbi itamar schwartz

He is an Israeli rabbi and author of the highly regarded “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh” series (“In My Heart I Will Build a Mishkan”). It’s likely because your mitzvot are separate from one another and no one has taught you to use them as the building blocks to construct a larger structure. A Mishkan in your heart. 

Each Jew’s lifelong task isn’t just to serve Hashem at an intellectual level, but to integrate that service into our hearts. Once we learn to penetrate our hearts, we are meant to use our hearts to connect to our Creator directly.

Unfortunately, building that foundation for our personal Mishkan is something that very few Jews have been taught today – and that’s true of every community across the Jewish world. It’s a big part of why we often daven every day on “automatic” and our mitzvot can feel like individual bricks left lying around a construction site.

Rabbi Schwartz gives very specific, practical suggestions for building this foundation.


rebbetzin tziporah heller

Internationally known as an outstanding scholar of Jewish Studies as well as a gifted lecturer. She is the Dean of Bnos Avigayil , a seminary for girls who want to strive to maximize their spiritual and personal growth. She has been a full-time faculty member of Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem since 1980. Her areas of expertise include textual analysis of Biblical literature and Jewish philosophy with an emphasis on the teachings of Maimonides and Maharal. She is also particularly well known for her courses devoted to the role of women in Judaism and analyses of the lives of women in the Bible.

She is distinguished by her unique teaching style. Based on classical sources, her insights on virtually any topic within Jewish studies flow in a seemingly effortless stream. While leading her listeners along creative new lines of thoughts, she resorts to a disarmingly keen sense of humor to provide practical examples that illustrate and draw personal relevance from even the most abstract concepts.


rabbi aryeh nivin

Rabbi Nivin is an expert in Jewish Personal Development for today’s day and age. Jewish Personal Development can be defined as working on one’s character traits, learning how to live a happy life, and developing a positive relationship with God. In the Chabura system, the vision we are striving to is to have vitality, transcendence and powerful joy.

Since age 19, he has taught Personal Development curricula based on classical Mussar and Chassidic sources to a wide range of audiences. An entertaining, personable, down-to-earth educator, Rabbi Nivin engages audiences worldwide on Jewish themes, and has been doing so for more than 25 years before many thousands of people.



orit esther riter

Orit Esther Riter was born in Brooklyn, New York. She is a caterer by profession, holding a Culinary Arts degree from the Culinary Arts Institute in New Jersey.

However, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2006, Orit’s life direction took a different course. She was forced to close her off-premise catering company which served the Tri-State area for over fifteen years. Despite her incurable illness, she found healing through spiritual empowerment.

In 2009, Orit made aliyah with her family from Monsey, New York. She began teaching emuna to others. Essentially she went from feeding the body at simchas to feeding the soul b’simcha. She nurtures herself and others by emphasizing the importance of establishing a close knit relationship with HaKadosh Baruch Hu. She focuses on learning and teaching the essential value of living a meaningful life with simcha.



Rabbi Tzadok Cable

Rabbi Tzadok Cable is a Jewish education and leadership development expert. Just like you, he has seen many different expressions of educational and development principles within the Jewish world.

With well over two decades of his own learning and self development under his belt, and subsequent experience creating and implementing a diverse range of educational programs, Rabbi Cable’s answer to these questions is radically different. He has distinguished himself as a normal, non-judgmental, and clear educator who is completely focused and committed to the development of the student. Because of this unique background he has successfully served as the head of the Rabbinical Ordination Program at Yeshivas Aish Hatorah, Rav and communal leader in Kehillas Bnei Torah in Beitar Ilit, a senior lecturer at a Tomer Devorah women’s seminary, and educational mentor at Yeshivas Netsach for struggling youth. He is also a respected public speaker and author.

His successes include playing a key role in the development of scores of thriving and successful rabbinical leaders, especially in the field of Kiruv; establishing a new paradigm in Jewish learning called “personalized online learning;” developing an interactive chaburah community for women, designed to help them get clarity in areas of personal growth and spiritual development; and developing the website  www.binyanhaolam.com, which showcases the unique content and fusion of ideas that Rabbi Cable is known for.



rebbetzin chana bracha siegelbamum

Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, a native of Denmark, is founder and director of Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin: Holistic Torah Study for Women on the Land. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Bible and Jewish Philosophy from Michlala Jerusalem College for Women, and a Masters of Art in Jewish History from Touro College. Rebbetzin Chana Bracha creates curricula emphasizing women’s spiritual empowerment through traditional Torah values. In 2010 she published her first book, Women at the Crossroads: A Woman’s Perspective on the Weekly Torah Portion. Her second book Ruth: Gleaning the Fallen Sparks was published in 2012, and her third book The Seven Fruits of the Land of Israel with their Mystical & Medicinal Properties is published by Menorah Books in 2014. In addition, the Rebbetzin practices EmunaHealing as a gifted spiritual healer through Emunah, tefilah and energy work.



Nechama Sarah Burgeman

Nechama Sarah Burgeman is a healing facilitator, author, teacher of Torah, counselor, artist, and harp musician. After her world travels, Nechama Sarah settled in Israel 35 years ago, and attended yeshivas in Safed and Jerusalem. She learned from a wide array of respected teachers. Nechama is a chassida of the Nadvorna Rebbe zt”l from Bnei Brak, an avid student of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, student of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l and Rav Mordechai Shineberger. She has studied from many Chassidic and Kabbalistic texts, including Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, discourses of the Lubavitcher Rebbes, the Zohar and the writings of the Ari z”l. Based on her knowledge of the writings of these great masters, Nechama has written The Twelve Dimensions of Israel, The Seventy Dimensions of the World, and The Princess of Dan. Nechama has developed a unique kabbalistic therapy based on her writings, and facilitates creative expression for purposes of healing.